Christmas list #1

Christmas list #1

Topshop slouchy top

Topshop blue top

Aztec mini skirt
$25 –

Topshop tall jeans

Topshop boots

Nars cosmetic
First of all, let me apologize for this absolutely epic absence from my blog! It has been a very hectic past few months full of complications and transitions. However, life has alas gone back to normal and I remembered my beloved little blog and decided to post a Christmas wish list!
I have been very naughty this year with buying “gifts” for myself and now I am behind on my Christmas shopping for my friends and family…damn. I have a new fixation on the brand Nars and suddenly I want absolutely anything and everything Nars! I recently bought the blush called “Day Dream” from the Nars limited edition Guy Bourdin collection, is it absolutely incredible!
I have always spent more time and money on makeup rather than clothing, and so for this upcoming year my goal is to care more about clothing. I admire fashion bloggers and their daring clothing choices, love of bold prints and clashing patterns. I would really enjoy as well owning a designer bag! I currently have a classic cognac leather Coach bag but I am not at all a fan of Coach. I do love Rebecca Minkoff purses and I especially adore the black mini handbag above! I hope to get my paws on it ASAP.
I would also like to wear skirts once in a while…Now this is difficult given that I am all legs at 5’10”. Most skirts end up being ridiculously short on me and I am not at all into the whole “bodycon” trend so I would rather find an aline skirt, something along the lines of what Kate from the blog Gh0stparties usually wears.
What are some things on your Christmas list? x

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