Back to school wishlist…


Since I am an eyebrow fiend, it should be no surprise that Benefit’s Browzing has been on my mind for a while now. They have a slightly darker shade than the one pictured above, I think before classes start up again I shall cave in and buy it!

I have a massive collection of lipsticks but this YSL lipstick “Fuchsia in Rage” has to be my all-time want lipstick! I am pleased to report that my local Sephora only just got (literally only weeks ago) YSL makeup, so they have the huge range of lipsticks available now. I have yet to find this exact one, but I know they are getting new colours in weekly. I first saw this featured in Lisa Eldridge’s blog, and she has had me wanting it ever since!

I have some samples I am using up of Living Proof’s Texture cream, I feel like I almost may like it better than Bumble and Bumble’s Texture Creme just because it doesn’t mattify the hair. B&B’s leaves my hair looking really dull if I dare put it on the top layer. I’ll definitely pick up this Living Proof product asap!

Ahhh..Ray Ban Clubmaster 51’s…I have wanted these so badly for a long time. I had a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers which I wore religiously until the terrible day that I lost them. I do however find the larger size of the Clubmaster sunglasses to look quite good on me. I shall be picking them up soon as I wear sunglasses all year around, my eyes are super sensitive and I find Ray Ban to be a way better sunglasses than most other high-end brands.

Big, comfortable cardigans are a must, I am dreaming of getting to wear them every day for the next three seasons! I have ordered some already from ShopRuche and ASOS  and they’re currently en route. I love batwing cardigans, I don’t know what it is about them but they look amazing with any simple outfit and they’re great to wear to school. The small photo of the batwinged texture sweater is currently en route to me from ASOS, I couldn’t resist this funky sweater!

I want to wear more dresses this fall now that the summer is almost over and I’ve worn so few. I ordered from ASOS some basic dresses like the one above, and I am super excited to wear these with tights and cardigans in the fall and winter!

Combat boots are something that I hope never goes out of style. They look good with almost any kind of outfit and they’re comfortable and easy to wear. I have a pair of vintage-looking black ones from Aldo, but I am dying to get a pair of cognac brown ones!

I love my lip products. Above I mentioned my love for bold lipsticks, though I also love an easy-to-wear lip balm. Nothing will ever come to close to my all-time favourite lip balm Reve de Miel by Nuxe, but I want more tinted lip balms to add some colour and these ones by Nars look really neat!

I’m on the hunt for an every day kind of watch, something leather with a big head that I can easily read. My only watch and the one I wear almost daily is a big rose gold watch by Michael Kors, and as much as I love it, it seems to be a bit too much for daily wear and it’s tarnishing at a terrifying rate. I need something to alternate between like this watch above. It’s a cute colour and I love the head on it, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

I used to always opt for a scarf over a necklace, but after months of Essiebutton videos and Gh0stparties videos, I’ve come to appreciate just how cute necklaces are. I love chain necklaces like this one above…I have a few from Forever 21 but I’m currently eyeing some from ASOS!

I have a giant, absolutely massive bag of nail polishes, it’s embarrassing. I do not discriminate between drugstore and high end nail polishes, because I realized that there isn’t that big of a difference. Some of the lines that come out are so cool, like this leather effects nail polish. I think it’d be a kick-ass statement nail polish to use during the fall and winter months!

I love scalloped anything lately…I bought a few scalloped cami’s from Topshop and I absolutely adore them. I have also been eyeing scalloped flats, and alas, this scalloped bag. They just look so vintage and stylish..So cool!!

Well, quite unfortunately my back-to-school wish list consists of no backpacks, cute notepads and anything that’s actually necessary or functional at university (oh boy). I do however plan to get my paws on at least some of these products before classes start up again in September. Do you like anything from this list?



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