Image 2   I’m sure I’ve stated this somewhere in a previous post, but I absolutely LOVE big eyebrows. I have been obsessed with eyebrows since my early teens, back when I used to take an angled Mac eyeliner brush and fill in my brows  with a little bit with Mac’s Carbon eyeshadow. Luckily, my eyebrows are dark enough that it didn’t look too unnatural, however, luckily times have changed and I have become a bit wiser with brow products!

1. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color ($23)

I love the concept of a waterproof brow marker. I must be honest though, I didn’t believe this would look at all natural and so I avoided testing this product for several months. On one curious day while browsing Sephora, I saw this eyebrow pen again and I noticed that they got a new colour which they call “dark”…I tried it and I fell in love with the natural finish and minimal effort. It’s a great summertime product. I have heard that this can dry out pretty quickly, so I’m hoping that this will last! Otherwise, Gosh has an inexpensive version of this.

2. Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel ($29)

I originally owned this in the colour Espresso, but that had too much red in it for my liking so I went back and purchased it in Granite which is a dark brown with a more ashy than red undertone. I am obsessed with this eyebrow gel. It’s one item that if I don’t use daily, my makeup feels so incomplete. It tints, it grooms and it sets my eyebrows into place. What more could I ask for? The only other tinted eyebrow gels that I have ever seen have been by Benefit and Elf, both are more inexpensive options!

3. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil ($39)

This feels like the gem of my eyebrow product collection. The elegant packaging alone could have sold it to me, but luckily this product really delivers. I love that one end is a thick, arched eyebrow pencil, and the other end has a spooly to comb through the brows. This pencil is easy to use and it is quite low maintenance. I prefer this kind of eyebrow pencil over small, thin ones like Anastasia’s. A cheaper alternative to this that is VERY similar is by a brand called Marcelle, it has the same colour selection and shape, however instead of one end being a spooly it has a clear eyebrow mascara…Major bonus!

So there’s a bit of brow wisdom to finish off the weekend! I love talking about eyebrows and I could really do it all day, but I shall spare y’all. What do you use to complete your brows?



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