The Wednesday Skincare Blues…


This week was quite a long and stressful week (oh dang, it’s only Wednesday!) so I decided to give myself a Wednesday night at-home spa session to make myself feel better! This Wednesday night treatment was inspired by Vivianna from who did a blog post called “Sad Skin Wednesdays”  ( – there she wrote about the attention we give our skin on weekends, and the neglect that our skin faces during the busy and stressful weekdays. After reading that post, I have forever changed the way I do my weekly skincare routines. I now do Wednesday night pampering sessions where I do a face mask, paint my nails etc, it’s all very relaxing. Here are some of my favourites that I have been using to conquer the Wednesday skincare blues…

Image 1

1. Bioderma Micelle Solution for Sensitive Skin ($22)

For me, this is an absolute must every night for makeup removal as I use this in preparation for washing my face. In the summer I can’t be bothered with oil cleansers as I find them too thick and difficult to remove in the warmer months. This Bioderma micellar water is truly an incredible product. It dissolves makeup and leaves the skin makeup-free and ready for some face washing-action. I can even use this to remove stubborn eye makeup! I can never be without this product again, and I know that many other bloggers would agree that this is an essential for daily skincare!

2. The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($15)

I absolutely love this for removing waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It’s very creamy and effective and it doesn’t dry out the under eye area. It works extremely quick and the tube will last forever. I personally use the Bioderma micellar water for removing all the other makeup on my face but I reserve this for the makeup on my eyes.

Image 2

3. Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash ($24)

I may be jumping the gun by saying this, but currently Origins is my absolute favourite brand! I cannot get enough of their products. They’re all just incredible, and fairly affordable for “higher end products.” I love this cleanser, it gives such a satisfactory, gentle clean and does not tighten the skin after use. You only need the tiniest amount of this product as it indeed gets frothy when water is added to it! This is my absolute favourite face wash right now.

4. Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask ($27)

This is a clay mask that’s quite creamy in texture. It’s extremely effective and really gets to work quickly. I have a more sensitive skin type and this can be a little bit irritating when first applied, but if you wait it out a few minutes you’ll see just how rewarding using this face mask can be. It’s fantastic for decongesting the skin and ridding the face of blemishes. However, I would not use this as an overnight spot treatment like some do with other clay masks, I believe this would be too harsh for overnight use. Try the Origins Spot Treatment for that!

Image 4

5. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil ($50)

Ohhh this is so luxurious. I apply this after my toner, so this list is a little out of order! This facial oil is aimed towards treating oily or combination skin, and I fall into the latter category. My skin is a lot more on the dry side but I do tend to get oily on my t-zone. This product works so well to hydrate the skin and control breakouts. Now that I have found this product, I don’t know how I’d ever live without it. I love to use this a few times a week before I apply my nightly moisturizer as I wake up with healthy skin and it always seems to tame any near-future breakouts.

6. Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Anti-Fatique Moisturizing Cream ($32)

I must have a serious thing for French pharmacy brands because I just love Nuxe and Bioderma! This moisturizer caught my eye because it also says “anti-oxidant” and “anti-skin stress” on the tube which made me think that this must be an ideal facial moisturizer for bad skin days. I bought the one for “normal to combination skin” even though there was an option to buy this for dry skin, and I feel that I should have bought that one as I don’t find this one to be the most moisturizing..but used with the Clarins Lotus Oil, I find that this Nuxe moisturizer does the trick quite alright. It has a gorgeous floral-lavender smell which is very relaxing, and I love the tube presentation because I’m tired of unhygienic jar moisturizers!

Image 3

7. Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic ($30)

This has been one of my favourite facial toners for years. It smells like lavender and cucumber and I find it to be extremely soothing and very hydrating. My skin loves this toner and I always end up going back to it. It’s a gorgeous product, and I find that Bobbi Brown skincare is for the most part amazing, though it doesn’t seem to get tons of credit in the blogisphere.

8. Lush Sugar Lip Scrub in popcorn flavour ($9)

This is a nice lip scrub that I like to use before applying an overnight lip treatment. This is a gentle and nature exfoliator and it works like magic, what more can I say? The smell and the taste are mega pluses too 😉

This is how I’m conquering the Wednesday blues, what are you using to beat the mid-week battle?



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